About Us


EXO NITE is a company of professional event planners who works upon the system of the company's motto "Bringing Pure Entertainment".

The company's root is based in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India but the branches reached so many places in the country. We are trying to make the entertainment scene more awesome everywhere.

We have an uncanny ability to convert ideas to things, and eventually a reality, which is the backbone to success! Our team at the Vibes will cater to all your needs no matter how trivial it is. We believe each action of ours is crucial as it is not enough to take steps which may lead to a goal; each step must be a goal in itself. Passion, enthusiasm and dedication of our team ensures that we share good VIBES with you by providing end to end solutions totally on the basis of sheer hard work and ability to convert your dreams into a reality.

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What we Offers

Event Management
Artist Management
Event Production
Special Effects
Model Management
Media & PR

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